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Nyc Guy # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 8:13 pm

All great advice haha, some responses.

The thing is, I don’t think she’s used to guys coming up to her/being upfront/chasing her etc…., she may come off as intimidating to other guys, but being from NYC, in all seriousness, nothing really intimidates me xD.

I agree with Jordan, she would probably have some adverse reaction to me being overly upfront about it. To my knowledge, both of them have never had a gf/bf before. So they’re each others “first” if that makes sense. So I think it’s turned into that sort of let’s be attached to each others hip instead of having an actual relationship. More about keeping everyone happy than enjoying your time together.

She’s not expressed discontent with the relationship, but she never talks about her boyfriend. It’s a very confusing thing.

I’d like to be upfront about it, but it may risk a good friendship that we have now. Boyfriend just needs to be removed from the picture. If she had come here sans BF, this would have already been in the bag haha.