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bruce # Posted on December 15, 2011 at 3:12 am

I can give you a quick summary of hundreds of books I’ve read over the years. Lots of different names, languages and symbols, but it all says basically the same thing.

Ch’i is biological energy (bioenergy). It has three “states,” analogous to heat/light, electricity and magnetism. In India, they are referred to as Fohat, Prana and Kundalini. In the Chinese systems, Jing, Qi and Shen.

Jing is the form of bioenergy you receive at conception from your parents. It is what determines your life expectancy. Once your expend your jing, you die. However, you can acquire additional jing over the course of your life (acquired jing) which can then use as not to consume your innate jing.

Jing can be converted into Qi, the basic life force, and Qi can be converted into Shen (a type of intellectual energy).

The process of converting acquired jing into qi and storing it is the basis for many of the Qi Gong and Nei Kung techniques; qi is stored in the lower dantien (elixir field, if you know alchemy). There are two schools of thought on the storage of qi in the dantien; the first is to bind the energy through “sealing” it in, in which case it becomes yours to manipulate. The second is using it as a focal point for obtaining qi externally, through the sun and Earth (sort of like a matter-antimatter reactor being powered by the Universe).

Qi can also be converted into Shen, a higher form of bioenergy that powers the intellect and what folks call “free will.” It takes a lot of qi to produce shen, and a lot of jing to produce qi, so it is an “expensive” proposition. But… shen is the power source for your personality, or “self,” and is not stored in the biological organism. If you have sufficient shen, when the body dies–you continue on, essentially being immortal.

Bioenergy flows through the meridian system of the body, most noticed at the points called chakras, which are analogous to bioenergy valves. How much, and of what type, of bioenergy is flowing in and out of the chakras can determine many things, from character traits to psionic ability.

One of the older schools of thought, the Mo Pai, instructs that the chakras are actually “knots” in the system, and has developed a practice to untie the knots, allowing all the bioenergy to flow smoothly throughout the body, which can give rise to some extraordinary abilities. Most New Age practices have different views.

Though there are only three, primary “dimensions” of bioenergy, there are 12 forms of energy that arise, in two states, a yin bioenergy, normally associated with involuntary or repetitive functions) and a yang bioenergy, associated with voluntary and projected functions). Yang bioenergy is what is most often demonstrated by things like telekinesis and teleportation. Healing is a yin function.

There is a LOT of information out there, in many different forms and presentations; I hope this summary is some help to you.