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Amalie Starlit # Posted on December 15, 2011 at 10:37 am

Kirsten, I have the exact same fear you really describe it well and you really scared me (it took me a couple hours to get through).
I have some phobias and I have a shrink that i talk to about it every now and then so I’m not just overreacting.
I also have a fear of being alone and when I am alone I get a strong fear of that I’m gonna die.
When I get scared I have some tricks to get me through. I know this is really hard to do sometimes but you MUST try it out!
When you can feel the fear sneeking up on you or you know that you are gonna do something you don’t like…try act silly! Or look in a mirror and smile! The trickers your brain to be possitive and you will get happy all by youself :D
I really enjoyed reading you guys fears and how you handle it :)
-Thank you for being so amazing!