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Sea Monkey # Posted on March 14, 2012 at 9:19 pm

I like Paul’s explanation, i just thought I might simplify a bit and give an example

Knowing – you already have a piece of information in your brain (or even in your instincts/dna) .

Understanding – your ability to comprehend information and what you know or have been told – verbally or with your senses. to see how it all fits together and why.

Understanding without knowing – Do I know the answer to 27 x 51? NO, but I understand how we get 1,377 from multiplying 27 by 51? YES.

Knowing without understanding – A baby kangaroo knows instinctively to make it’s way up to it’s mums nipples to drink milk. It has no idea what it is doing or why, but it just knows to do it.

Knowing and Understanding. – I know how to cut paper with scissors and I understand the mechanics behind it.

I know these are very basic examples, things get way more complicated and sometimes it will be very hard to draw the line between the two.

in the original post “Personally, I feel like no one knows anything, but a few understand a few things.”

I feel the average person knows more than they understand, I used to just go with what I was told until I started asking why and how.