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Peter # Posted on March 14, 2012 at 10:48 pm

Well, the thing is..each nation is competing with each other for limited resources. What the doctor said about, you being treated as a second class citizen, I feel is not true. It depends on location and the individuals themselves..but if you contribute to the world, there is no reason you should be treated lower.

Patriotism is only important when you can be happy and have success in life in that country. I can’t imagine being patriotic in some other country that would kill me for speaking against the government or not allowing me to have the freedoms I enjoy here in the US.

I feel that the doctor is trying to convince you to use your knowledge and abilities in India…a growing country that needs doctors. On the other hand, if you accomplish your studies and be a great doctor, countries will be competing for you talent. They will offer you more and more money in the hopes that you work in that specific location. You mentioned that the hospital you went to was a non-profit. Thats really awesome, but in the United States, we have some non-profits..but mostly…its for profit which means higher incomes for doctors. You should do what feels best for you man. No one can tell you how to live, in the end…its up to you.