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Mike Wuest # Posted on March 14, 2012 at 11:01 pm

Every belief is subjective. Religions are all subjective. Every religions thinks that have it figured out. Just like every person who believes something about a topic thinks they have it figured out. One thinks theres a god; one thinks he’s vengeful; one thinks he’s forgiving; one thinks there is no god, but there is ‘consciousness’; Then all the FOLLOWERS of these religions believe in them because some prophet told them its true. And then atheists come along and say you’re crazy because they’ve never experienced god. But they are just as crazy because how can you dismiss something just because you haven’t experienced it. Everyone is ignorant, including myself. Some are just more ignorant than others. And it tends to be the more ignorant ones that think they have it all figured out. There has been no person in the history of existence that didn’t think what they believe is 100% true. Otherwise wars wouldn’t be fought and there’d be no arguing on this website. Beliefs only pollute your mind. Positive beliefs, negative beliefs, any beliefs. Even the belief that beliefs pollute your mind pollutes your mind. It closes you off from options. I’ve realized that I’ve been saying this in almost every post I’ve written over the past couple of weeks. And I’ll acutally rephrase that. Beliefs pollute MY mind. I could care less what others think or believe. Maybe you think beliefs are necessary. Then again, that’s just another belief

I’ll never understand how people can think they have anything figured out at all. Even simple things like this. We can discuss all these topics as much as we want, but what does it do for you? What does ‘knowing’ something do for you. Ok so Buddhism tells you there is a consciousness that pervades everything… Scientists tell you that 26 dimensions exist… Eckhart tolle tells you that the ego is an illusion… How does knowing any of that make you better off? It might make you feel safe, but it’s detrimental to growth. The only way to truly understand any of that is to experience it. I will never again take nothing that is told to me as the truth. the only things that are true to me are my experiences. Every single thing is subjective. Meditate, don’t meditate. Take shrooms, don’t take shrooms. Jerk off every day, don’t jerk off for a month. Chakras exists, chakras don’t exist. There is God, god doesn’t exist. Philosophy is the way to figure everything out, experience is the way to figure everything out. Be a hippie, don’t be a hippe. Science will solve everything, science will ruin everything. Whose to say any of these ways are the right way to do something? Maybe in your experience only it is.

It makes me realize there really is no point arguing anything. Of course YOU think you are right. Of course I think I am right. And who’s to say either one of us is right. You might think all that I’m saying is wrong here. I really don’t care. The point is it makes so much sense to me. Personally, theres nothing wrong with knowledge. but I’m never taking anything I hear as belief ever again. On the other hand, I won’t disbelieve it either.