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Mike Wuest # Posted on March 15, 2012 at 5:53 am

Alex I really don’t know if I could answer that question. I think he’d have to understand the internet because how would he have created it otherwise? He might not understand it in context of how the computer interprets the information etc, but he understands the internet itself.

The easiest way I think about it is in terms of a ‘god’ or creator. Belief in a creator is just that, a belief. It comes from nothing else besides information that’s been told to you or that you’ve taken in from an outside source. Maybe it took you (the hypothetical you, not the actual you) ten years to figure out your belief in god. Or a lifetime, it doesn’t matter. It could be because of your belief in a certain religion, and that religion says that a god exists. Or it could come from your research of the universe and its vastness, so you think there is a god because of how vast the universe is. But this is all just using your mind to create a concept of god, a belief or knowing.

To me, understanding is different. It involves emotion and comes from outside of your mind, and manifests itself in the world as a new thought, idea, concept, musical piece, scientific discovery, or even understanding of god. It is your own original idea or belief that is unaffected and undetermined by prior knowledge. It’s a lot deeper than knowledge. A feeling combined with something unexplainable that would be impossible to describe to someone else. For instance, someone couldn’t describe to you the thoughts they had in their head to create a new song so you could replicate those exact thoughts and recreate (not copy) that song. You might be able to replicate the song, but you could never recreate it. You know the song, but don’t understand it. Same thing with god.. a lot of people say they know god, but don’t understand it at all.