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Brandon # Posted on March 15, 2012 at 8:28 am

The best way to explain it, is to use Bloom’s Taxonomy. Truly understanding goes like this, with the bottom being the final step.
——Knowledge: Define, duplicate, memorize, recall, etc.
—–Comprehension: Classify, describe, discuss, etc.
—-Application: Demonstrate, dramatize, illustrate, etc.
—Analysis: Compare & Contrast, question deeply, experiment
–Evaluation: Argue, defend, judge, etc.
-Creativity: Construct, create, assemble, formulate, etc.

In simpler terms,
Knowledge, you know about it.
Comprehension, you are beginning to understand it.
Application, you can apply it to other things.
Analysis, you study it further to learn what it can/can’t do, what you do/don’t know.
Evaluation, you formed opinions, that you can defend with concrete examples. Used to be considered the true ‘understanding’ we are looking for.
Creativity, self explanatory I believe. The information is now yours at a deep level; so much so that you can become creative with it.