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Christine # Posted on March 16, 2012 at 5:31 am

Hello! I’m new to this site, too. Really tempted to delete my Facebook account as well. The only reason I’m keeping it is to check up on family, distant friends, and a few artistic groups (e-mail and phone could easily solve this dilemma, no?) – really not enjoying the random posts about phones, break-ups, etc. Sure, I make my own share of pointless status updates, but I’m not exactly positive as to what makes me do so. I’m in love with this site even though I joined only yesterday – love hearing (reading) everyone’s thoughts and life stories and such. Just inspiring!

Also – Mike, I am so happy you just quoted from Happy Gilmore. That movie was such a part of my childhood (and now “adulthood” haha) and I quote from it almost daily. Good quote, totally agree with it :)