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David # Posted on March 16, 2012 at 5:35 am

in early highschool i was pretty much still my child self, watched cartoons and was happy and laughing all the time, got really bad grades though, but had lots of friends :D, then the rest of the people started “maturing” and suddenly there was no one else who was still like me, so i became kind of a misunderstood loner… and my grades suddenly skyrocketed, everyone else was too busy with their “social lives” and trying too hard to be cool, so people assumed that i was the most mature of everyone, only because i didn’t really talk to anyone, but on the inside i was still just the kid who wanted to watch cartoons and have fun, now that i’m waaay older, i’m happy to see that people started to relax and not worry too much about their social lives and trying to be cool, and all of a sudden i had lots of friends again! i’m now 25 and still love cartoons and having fun and laughing and “being a kid”, the others not so much, but at least now they’re more relaxed and now they “get me” :)