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Dan # Posted on March 16, 2012 at 8:00 am

Haha creative thread.
I was the smart ass who never did homework but aced tests because I listened in class to spite my teachers.
I was an awkward kid, not really understood by anyone but my closest friends and my direct family. Terrible at talking to girls, equally bad at talking to guys. good art student but never really put the real effort into anything, my artwork always disappointed me but Everyone else seemed to like it. Played sports off and on but usually quit mid-season because practice became more like detention than self improvement through my skewed perception. Huge computer game addict. WoW took over my junior/senior year. Never a weed smoker or a drinker really until after high school. Got a 28 on my ACT but a relatively terrible GPA.
I didn’t really have any style what so ever until late 12th grade where I became an ego maniac and dressed accordingly, with really unrefined tastes. Some of the shit I wore…..
Tried desperately to fit in but failed miserably, and only stopped trying like over a year ago (now age 21). Never could relate to others very well. In hindsight everyone was so black and white, yet at the time I saw great cOlor in everyone so it saddened me that I couldn’t gAin any popularity among my peers. So I remained in my basement venting my being through the server, Misha. As a Rogue.