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stonedragon # Posted on March 16, 2012 at 5:42 pm

oh my GOD! that does sound good. all that food, the fish fry, the brocolli, the shrimps. stop!
anyway im glad you guys are getting inspired. this cleanse thing really is great. afterwards you have so much energy it is crazy, and you feel so light and its a good chance to break some bad habits.

the liver flush drink, i put about one sqeezed lemon with the same amount of olive oil, one garlic clove crushed in, and some grated fresh ginger and a sprinkling of cayenne. it is a bit hard core.
follow it up with some herbal tea. im drinking a mixture of angelica, rosemary, oregeno, red vine, myrtille berry,sage and turmeric…

im putting bee pollen, chia seeds, spriulina in the shakes and psyllium husk which swells up in your gut and makes you less hungry.but you need to drink a lot of water afterwards to swish it down. the frozen berrys are great too with apple juice. yum , dinner time. !