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Mike Wuest # Posted on March 16, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Ok I get what you’re saying. Makes sense. But what if the conception of god we are talking about is the same with the conception of love? People who go to church obviously think they know god, just like someone who acts ‘lovingly’ obviously thinks they know what love is. Not necessarily, I say. How can one truly know if they understand love? Is it even possible to understand love? Is love even a real concept? I think it is possible to understand it, but not conceptually. And you won’t find the answer from the words of Jesus or any other teachers like that, or even from experience in and of itself. The answer comes solely from within, and has nothing to do with outside experience.

While experience and words can serve as a catalyst for you to find what love is within yourself, it isn’t love itself. Everything comes down to the intention behind the action, not the action itself. Something that you might perceive as hateful could actually be a loving action depending on the person doing the action. Understanding comes through a raising of self awareness. I know this is preached a lot, but the concept itself won’t get us anywhere. Just like the concept of love or God won’t get us anywhere. I think the understanding of these concepts literally lie outside of word and thought. I could never truly describe these concepts to you, as you could never describe them to me.