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Christine # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 12:22 am

Thank you all for such wonderful responses – truly inspiring! I just wanted to say that I knew using the word “impossible” wasn’t exactly the right choice. I do agree that we only limit ourselves, and we should all just go for our dreams. I just wanted to add a few more of mine as well (again, not strictly “impossible”!):

– I want to help the homeless. I sometimes help out at a food pantry, but I want to do more. It just sickens me that in our society wealth is so unfairly distributed… I want to start a homeless shelter and just provide some support at the very least.

– I would love to be able to speak without being insecure when in public. I get nervous sometimes, but only when I catch myself in the middle of whatever I’m doing. I was at a poetry reading recently and read one of my poems, without thinking what I was doing, and in the middle I started shaking like a leaf because I realized that I had so many sets of eyes upon me. It’s an irrational thing, really, but it’s frustrating to experience. I’m really not very shy, but when I find myself in the middle of attention I get nervous as heck. Trying to work on this currently …