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WJ # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 3:36 am

@Milk thanks for the advice.

The effect is fading now. So I want to share my experience for the trip. I ended up watching this film called “The Secret.” It’s on Amazon Prime, if you have its account you can stream it for free.

So I’m not sure how the film was actually like in reality, but when I was high the film is making so much sense. It talked about the positive thinking, which resulted in attach other positive event that will occur to you. If you have negative thought, all negative event will come to you. It’s not electromagnetic that positive attach negative. However, the general makes sense.

So while I was tripping, my memory flashed back to my experience. I found out that all the time this concept from the film could be applied to all of my cases. Yeah so after I finished watching the film. I knew that the shroom should kick me to the peak soon, it was from last time trip. That it would take around 30 minutes to effect and around 2 hours to reach the peak.

Then after I finished the film, I started right away to meditate. I was distracted by other thought that came in and came out in my mind. So it was kind of frustration. I decided to quit meditation and asked my higher self or GOD whom I believed in.

It was not like in the movie where you actually hallucinate and see a physical god, but I knew by myself that he was there. He was sitting next to me. I could talk any problem with him and he was sure to solve all the problems that I would ask.

I asked many questions such as what’s the value of my life, what should I do in the future, what’s the meaning of friendship, and many questions which I couldn’t recall now or some that I don’t want to share.

You might ask how can HE responded to my questions. I liked when I asked HIM, after I finished the question the answer appeared in my mind. I asked HIM about all the TEACHER that HE sent to help us whether Jesus, Buddha. The answers were all making sense. The weird thing was I can’t actually remember any of them.

However, there was one answer that I clearly remembered: there is not always an answer for a question. It doesn’t matter how you try hard to get an answer, there would not be the answer for some questions.

That is my experience from this trip.

FOR SHORT VERSION for who is lazy,
This trip gave me that “There is not always an answer for a question.”