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Fyrirrek # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 11:18 am


You my friend have totally been there! I realized I should have been posting on this thread instead I ended up expanding into Astral Travel topic from the dream catcher topic.

The best if flying with birds over a sunset:)

I just want to share an experience and see if you/anyone have had an equivalent?

First foremost I explored the artistic planes, sound, music, voice…found how they fused together and how you manifest these into your dreams. Or you have the ability to pull dream creations now into the real world. Which blurs the line now. In Astral travelling it’s like bringing snippets of reality state…where you test your control of your whereabouts, motorskills. I think the main difference a regular dream seems like it’s naturally unfolding and a astral travel dream feels like you travel where you want in real time which is only bound in destination by your established comfort zone.

You can do a test like monotonous things a regular dream wouldn’t let you do. Fly up, fly down. Do it six times for no reason. etc. Then thats like the official proof you are in astral plane now.

The weirder ones are like I will test myself, by literally falling over…but I will try not to land on my face and hit the ground.
Then you do it again from the top of a building

The first time you do….then you do it again. But then you try to float 1inch off the ground lying forwards. Then if you do it you realize. Wait…this is not a regular dream.

You will basically know that it feels really different. And your almost conscious of your consciousness. Like you can hear yourself narrate what will happen next. Then it happens. It can be startling. Then you think you are awake or sleep walking but you’re not.

This is weird for me because..and not..but in the sense that I have never talked to anyone about this topic to the amount that you have just stated I feel this kindredness. Flight at the speed of freewill of thought.

Like hey I was in that country too it’s awesome. Wait what about customs and passports? Oh yeah! That’s just an imaginary line us humans have created go wherever you want! But yes it’s kinda a galactic country with no exact google maps location as of yet.

It gets really interesting the more you go and get better at it:)