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Anonymous # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 12:16 pm

If you’re behind a desk, let’s say a store clerk, you’re gonna need books, mp3 player, newspapers, magazines or even a laptop somewhere nearby, although a laptop may distract you BIG TIME. TVs suck ass.
You’ll be changing your biological clock, so it’s not a hard thing to do. There are articles about grave shifts, which say that they mess up your metabolism, but I don’t really take that as a fact, because nights are more peaceful. The best way to keep the job smooth is to have a friend night owl who you’re gonna interact with. Most of the graveyard shifts are usually boring as fuck, so try not to take any substances to make yourself feel better and get fired because of feeling better.
Prepare to become a vampire without the suck part. IT’s not gonna wreck you if you’re not stressing yourself.
Also, besides the shit I said –