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Filip # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 2:18 pm

“””‘But I dont know how.’ ‘I have no time.’ ‘I have no money.’ Bullshit excuses. Take action right away. If you dont know how then find out or just do it anyway n learn a long the way. You have no time? Yes you do n your the only one distributin it. All this school n work n shit is not somethin you have to do, you just chose it. You have no money? Get the money or do it without money.

If you have the time to chat on the internet or watch tv or read the paper then you have the time to take action. If you have the money to afford a computer and/or apartment then you have the money to take action. Stop makin excuses.”””

Exactly, I could not say it any better.

To answer your questions why I am not taking the action necessary: I am scared, I am afraid of the unknown, I am afraid of being rejected and/or I am afraid of not being accepted because I have not learn yet to fully accept myself, but most of all I am scared to dead that when I leave my comfort zone and take a leap of faith, something bad will happen, something inconvenient, something which I simply do not know about.

I think most of us who are not taking action are facing the same issues as I do. Though everybody has different life experiences and learned different life lessons and therefore everybody has his/her own reasons for not taking the action necessary.

I think you have the fall in the deepest core of a big black hole, in order to be able to crawl out of it and take the action necessary. As long as we are SPOILED, as we all are in the western world, because we do not have to put any effort to survive, we will not take the action that is necessary in order to find our inner peace.

We simply live as lazy spoiled animals.