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Fyrirrek # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 3:12 pm

There is a point here. Action. is good yes. BUT. You need an intelligent course of action + PLAN of how you are going to achieve it.

This is what I learned through a bazillion different courses of my past jobs and people wonder about action a lot.

Ways. Take action yes. If it doesn’t work, make new plans. Then try next action. If this doesn’t work, go back. Do research make plans. Take action. Study other people who have succeeded in what you want to do. See if you can emulate that plan of action. Or cater it. Reach out. Get to know people in that field. Keep with the action. The action in itself is very powerful and simple. Keep action simple where you can.

I know this from the frustration of too much action or seemingly like I was coming of as aggressive or challenging the establishment. (I hate when that happens…anyway people don’t listen or don’t open their eyes to the simple things sometimes. School which sometimes can be viewed as and is. “Approved material” Where the material by the time the student gets a hold of it. Is already dated. If it is challenged of course that person is now the disturber and all the other students go along with it. Out of respect. It’s Teacher Vs Industry Professional. Master Vs Student. What’s actually happening versus what are we talking about. I always asked questions and sometimes got hung out to dry. Context.

I just want to address ways on HOW to take action. I guarantee you’ll start being an action freak! and the word action won’t be scary. You’ll be the go to person. This will in turn build your confidence once you start moving on the smaller things…but don’t stop there. CHALLENGE yourself.

Action Take any athlete. Or anything you studied in school. If you don’t use this. “Put it into action” It gets weaker and it dies it’s not as sharp.

I believe there are many reasons we don’t take action. Some of them make sense. Bad timing for example. It would not be smart to take action at this junction in our agreement. Rational good, inaction. Like we can’t plant crop in the winter time. That’s all action with a bad map, blueprint bad system.

So lack of action could stem from taking many roadmaps, needing time to gather your senses step back and gain perspective. YOU are now in LOSS OF HOPE LAND and POOR ME syndrome. It’s more dangerous if you don’t even notice it! But if you have then bam. You are back on your way. Sometimes we can’t see we are making the wrong actions because we are too close to the situation to see the picture outside of ourselves. Or ineffective actions.

You must realize to maximize your quality of action. Then you make less pointless, or less likely to succeed actions.

People hurt man from actions that have come up with the less favourable result. Sometimes people need to hear the good. PROBLEM that softens up the DESIRE. You have to realize YOU are NOT HAPPY WITH THE RESULT. I WILL DO BETTER. You have to start talking to yourself like this I’m serious. Some people just don’t know that there could be a process to action they are missing. So READ. Read like a crazy person hybridize everything that makes sense to you that fuels MORE INSPIRATION for YOUR action.

Like keeping a diary for your actions. Aiming too high, taking on too much. Be human. People make the action too big in their head. It’s like if I told you. HEY MAN PAINT THE MONA LISA… would be infused with all this pressure by comparison of all the artists that came before you. SO

Aim big. Sometimes people laugh at me for big actions. I say I am going to do it man. Laugh all you want. Then they are confused when I actually put things in place. Like I am going to drive all across America with friends to see America. Your crazy man! Why is that crazy? Break it down plan it it’s possible but take these steps.

Break down the action. It’s easy. If you are just really out of whack. Say you will do this in the next 10 minutes. or for Half hour. Build on your lazy inaction. Log your actions. Be serious about your actions. Have discipline exercise it and you will love the results. Knowing you were even heading toward your goal gives you positive energy already. Know it’s going to be a battle be real and honest to yourself. Nothing awesome comes easy. Because if it was….well

Everybody would be doing it. It’s okay to be hard on yourself just don’t beat yourself up and get on to the next action. It’s better than not taking action and knowing you will get no result. Now that’s the real killer.

Remember. Regroup. Train. Be smart. Be obsessed with your goal. Seriously ask yourself if it didn’t even feel like you were pushing even breaking a sweat are not pushing enough. This is the discipline part. LEARN to push yourself. It’s good and gets easier with time.

Make time find your way to gain PERSPECTIVE

There is such a thing as a bad action. Maybe. We forgive ourselves and Learn. If we don’t learn from our action we recycle the whole situation again into futility.

Action isn’t taken in the sense I’m trying to gather. Out of basic fear of not really seeing the situation as something that you can over come.

When people think they can’t overcome their situation. They don’t take action.

Not one situation is the same. Think of you and don’t compare. You don’t even have to share your action goals. Because believe it or not. You need a safe place for formulate your goals and actions from criticism. Criticism is the killer. Fear of it. It’s silly really. But it plays out.

If they own their question. And make it a burning need. An obsession. It will not mentally be that important enough to even notice the “level of action” taken.

Once you organize. Why you are passionate about your goal.
Your desire and reason behind it for wanting it is sweating out of your pores
And have systems in place to get past the many many hardships you will face.

Then you have the basics for SUCCESSFUL ACTION

Know what you want (figure it out)
Know your territory (explore it)
Find a mentor (expert advice)

Trial error free fall into the excitement of your bloody sickening pulsing that which is life.

Everyone has their reasons. Whether they can justify it to themselves with rationalization is really only the individual can know. It’s easy to lie to ourselves.

And the extreme is too much action without any reflection. (Which is to say is okay sometimes if your already experienced and have developed a GUT feeling for the territory)

Like the man said. Why don’t you take action?

Maybe we’re still figuring it out, maybe we’re afraid. Maybe people will laugh at you.

I’ve been on the extreme end of action and am now trying to balance the art of inaction to gain better CLARITY in future action. PURPOSE of action. And SUFFICIENT REASON FOR BLOCK CAPITALS!

Ok I’m done now. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and inaction. Inaction…make sure it’s for a good reason.

Like music. You need the rest between the bars so the Action can speak in volumes.

Don’t fear failure. Fear complacency of success. Fear lack of motivation and lack of innovation.

Failing is normal. We can’t be super amazing at anything with one try. Right?

It’s funny that caps make you feel like someone is yelling but it’s really for emphasis.

Use a highlighter, use cards. Use your complete arsenal! You have more resources than you realize in this day and age. STATE OF MIND! what gets you into the efficient productive state of mind? Music? Sports? Find it!

Pata has a good point. And anyway we should yell at ourselves sometimes get serious…but don’t loose your sense of humour:)

Once you organize your action. You’ll be amazed what you can do in 24 hours.