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craig # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 5:55 pm

thought is something that cannot and will not stop. in many beginning practices of meditation, one goal is not to clear the mind but to simply learn to ignore your thoughts. as Dominika stated, ‘just let it drift by. there are a few different techniques to help wean the mind into a ‘thoughtless’ state. such as watching the breath, picturing a white flame in your belly, thinking a series of incantations as you breathe(so-hum, woo-sah, ect.) connecting your index and thumb and while you breathe move your ring finger towards the palm as you breathe in and away from the palm as you breathe out(same concept with so-hum; ‘so’ in and ‘hum’ out)

as for the colors, it may simply be a color that is suitable to whatever emotion/state of mind/state of health that you may currently be in. colors are quite query in spiritual aspects. for instance, is this purple your seeing more of an indigo or violet? for if you are into meditation, then you might also be into chakras? if so, then you may be able to find which chakra you are meditating through. indigo being the ‘third eye’ chakra, and violet being the ‘crown’.