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Cody # Posted on March 17, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Happened to do the same thing last night with harmala and cubes. I started to experience insane synchronicity after they took effect and tried to write down some thoughts that now look pretty schizo. One of them was “Jake needs to smoke this” referring to some great weed that my roomie was missing out on. As I finished writing, my door flies open and he walks into the room, totally mindfucking me. So now I’m thinking like some synced up telepathic and after a half hour of watching random videos he left and I sat in bed meditating. The 3 hours after were pretty intense internal dialog. In the trip it seemed to be with god, but looking back I think I was just hearing voices of my self, split thoughts. Everything was synaesthetic. Audio hallucinations, tasting light, seeing sound, etc. All in all very informative and life changing. the harmala is incredibly powerful, made the shrooms twice as strong as my last trip with the same dose.