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Anthony # Posted on March 18, 2012 at 3:02 am

I’ve kept up on this thread but after 130 posts I felt like I should contribute…

Not the only ones but the two biggest by far and many more stem from them:

-Fear of rejection, by girls especially but also just on a making-new-friends level. It’s almost paralyzing after a while, like self-induced isolation

-Fear of failure. I won’t start certain things or take on certain responsibilities only because I think they won’t work out. I’ll only do something if I’m almost completely sure it will work it out perfectly.

But what to do about them, or any of these insecurities? It’s interesting that some people will say they’re insecure about the way they look but they really look good or sometimes great. And other people, like me, are insecure about rejection when really, obviously not everyone is going to be as judgmental as I fear they will be! But what can be done about it… GREAT topic, the kind that really pull a community together