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vishnu # Posted on March 18, 2012 at 7:00 am

ahem ahem… i did a small project once on environmental problems and solutions (very general topic) and i wanted to make it a point to write against nuke energy.
point in a nutshell: it takes a lot of time (in years) and money to build a nuke power plant, and wen you do you dont get much power from it (when comparing price vs. efficiency of other renewable energy sources), and we still haven’t got around to what is to be done, in case a mishap happens – Fukushima anyone??
not to mention we have yet also to figure out a way to dump the nuclear waste derived from the processes. right now we’re just dumping it under the ocean floor. yyyeah doesnt sound so good.
here is greenpeace on why Nuke energy sucks: (informative!) i go for windpower and solar energy. near my hometown there is an entire village powered by solar energy. and where i live it rains 6 months a year. so yeah.