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Max H # Posted on March 18, 2012 at 8:32 am

Vishnu, depending on where you come from, countries do different things with their waste. The US has tons of untapped waste because the federal government is stupid and has yet to pass the refining processes that european countries use currently. Nuclear waste is just a mash of random elements with a good portion being radioactive. It can be refined and used again to maximize efficiency. That is the benefit. Its highly efficient.
Really the solution is to get everyone to use way less energy. We need efficient designs of life not energy. Aside from that little vice i think hydro and wind power is the best. Solar panels are so material dependent and wasteful to make. Geothermal is cool but i dont know a whole ton about it.
All our energy pretty much originates from the sun, ancient civilizations were right to worship it. Im also a PA’er so we have a whole bunch of coal n stuff.