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CaptainCurrent # Posted on March 19, 2012 at 12:26 am

Here’s an article by Dale Power about the third eye, and his take on it. I lifted it from the Psychic Proxy Forum (

The Real “Third Eye” – Dale Power

Many practitioners of the occult and of certain religions often speak of a psychic center known as the “Third Eye”. A point physically located between and slightly above the eyes on the forehead. This is often described as the point at which intuitive information enters the body, and in yogic terms, it is described as an energy vortex.

Since the seventies many researchers have tried to link a small gland that lies right behind the traditional third eye point to psychic functioning. This, the pineal gland, has been described as a wonder of psychic power and essential to all real psychic functioning. When brain scans have been done, primarily active magnetic resonance imaging, or AMRI for short, this gland does not seem to respond much at all to attempts to interact with the world on a psychic level.

“Ah ha! I knew this was all fake!” I can just hear the debunkers cry out now.
Not quite so fast though.

Just behind the pineal gland at the very front most part of the brain, lies an area known as the pre-frontal cortex. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for intense concentration and the ability to pay attention to what is happening right now. When AMRI have been taken of people meditating or trying to focus on psychic information, this area glows with activity! (At least in the people doing things effectively.)

Often these people describe a tingling or sense of pressure right behind the “Third Eye” point when this happens.

Surprisingly, the other area of the brain that lights up is the cerebellum, an area that is considered primitive by most researchers. It lies just above the brain stem and has very few, if any, physical connections to the rest of the brain. It seems to communicate back and forth with the rest of the brain by “throwing” electrical signals across a rather large gap.

So, could it be that psychic functioning takes place in one of the most primitive areas of our minds, areas that even animals have full use of? In light of the current evidence this makes sense. It would also make sense to think that we need the ability and to concentrate and focus in order to use these abilities on purpose.

This would also explain why there seems to be such a strong link between meditation and psychic effect. One of the most common responses that veteran meditation experts show on AMRI scans while meditating is activity in these distinct areas, while all other areas show less than normal excitation.

So while the “Third Eye” may not literally be a psychic center, it is clear that activity in this region is still needful for real psychic functioning to take place. The third eye exists. It is just slightly different than we thought.