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Christine # Posted on March 19, 2012 at 3:56 am

For some reason the word “clinical” bothers me, but in general, I have to agree with Bobby about racial slurs, the word retard, and a few particular situations involving swears. I know it’s really juvenile/immature of me to be bothered when people swear, but what usually gets me is the way people say it or in what context it is used. For example, a “neighbor” in my college dorm talks loudly normally (which drives me nuts when it’s past 4am), but when she swears it has such a shocking and immobilizing effect on me for some reason. She swears just to swear – I’m not bothered when people cuss normally (as in they do it most of the time), but when a word is used just to grab attention, it really and truly concerns me – I just can’t help it.