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DaJetPlane # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 5:24 pm

@c0ndu17, Indeed.

Since starting, I have paid extra attention to what goes into my body, as well as learned to portion control MUCH better than I ever had. I am now ok with letting my body tell ME when it’s hungry, rather than just shovling food in. Meals that would normally be eaten in a sitting are now split, satisfyingly, I should add, into two or more meals, saving on cost and maintaining much more accomplished balance for my health.

I have not visited a fast food restaurant since the start of the challenge, not even once. All of my eating out has been done with precaution at places with wholefood options that I can supplement my meal with. Also, no more soda.

I am grateful to have seen support for this rise at all and am proud of everyone for making it through it. Congrats and continue forward on your journey to a healthier you =)