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possiblehubris # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 6:14 am

@zanelee, Great to hear that you are eager.
Again my only concern for you is your weight starting point. I will lose roughly 2lbs per day, I assume it will be the same for you.
My concern is that your BMI is already underweight. For me you fall into the category of “not a good idea to fast” now this may be my prejudice because I know underweight people can get as much stereotyping as overweight people. But that being said, I know the reaction I encounter when telling people about fasting and I am of average weight, according to BMI just barely average, on the brink of landing on the overweight scale.
Please check this out for yourself and I would encourage anyone to consider this before starting a fast:

For me, my returning meal has never been a concern. I know my body can handle the return to food. I am not a Holocaust POW, five days is not along time.

I guess my major concern would be your motives. Each one of us has a complex relationship with food. I have never had “problems” with food in my life, but it was a subject I took for granted until I began running marathons and doing long bicycling tours. At that time I realized the power of my body, its resiliency, and potential.