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possiblehubris # Posted on January 25, 2013 at 9:54 am

@arenofnote, Your reflections are very similar to mine. I find the pangs of hunger usually disappear after day 3 at the latest.
I like what you say about “true hunger” I have never heard that before. Is there a site that you could direct me to? For me, after 5-6 days the fast losses meaning, the new perspective starts to become the regular perspective so I know it is time to stop.
I am still a little too much of an egotist to break the fast gently, usually a couple of days before I finish the fast I start to daydream about the restaurant i will go to and the beauty and wonderment of my first meal. It is usually pizza for me, my favorite food– adolescent and stupid I know, but the texture, smell, taste, and going out are all traditions that help me celebrate the accomplishment.
Thanks for sharing your experience:)