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Ellie # Posted on October 17, 2013 at 4:21 pm

@ijesuschrist, I think he knows I am. The first time he mentioned it to me I expressed extreme disapproval, any time it indirectly came up after that I just kept silent. My logic has been that if I were to openly disapprove, he wouldn’t stop, he’d just continue and start being less honest with me. That’s what I did when people disapproved of my oxy snorting.
Maybe I’ll try saying something next time, like “that shit is wack, you should cut it out.”

Well it was awesome obviously. I’d say it’s comparable to mdma in a way, but more clear headed. You feel extremely CLEAR(best word to describe it), all your senses are heightened, super euphoric, I remember this feeling in my chest/heart area that just felt like joy bubbling over. You wanna dance and sing and talk for hours. Your body and head tingle in a very pleasurable way… and you always want more. Instantly addictive. I smoked it which makes it even more addictive. My ex and I used it to drive from California to Nebraska and it made the 30 hour drive seem like 2 hours.

Honestly I never developed an issue with it because I can’t handle the come down. Yeah you stay high for like 8 hours… but you pay for it for days afterward. You’re simply incapacitated, your body aches(especially my back), my mouth got these uncomfortable sores in it when I tried to eat, you just feel cracked the fuck out and I’ve always hated that feeling. For that reason, I’ve always been more susceptible to abusing downers.