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kellyaf30 # Posted on August 12, 2012 at 1:44 pm

@bharcticcat, I DO get to feeling dependent on it. If I take as much as am prescribed (2 20mg a day), I would have some serious trouble falling asleep the first few days. I imagine I would also develop a serious addiction to it which would set myself up for major weight gain and laziness as soon as I broke free from it. Even at 20mg a day, I can feel the dependence creep up. Because when it wears off, I get higher brain pressure, feeling like a headache that doesn’t hurt, which only goes away if I take a little quarter (5 mg) to feel normal again until bed…at which point I might need some alcohol, sex, bong rip, or lots of carbs to feel sleepy by bedtime. So when I get to this point, I make an effort to slowly wean myself, splitting that pill up throughout the day until nothing as I slowly increase the caffeine and vitamin B supplements. I guess in summary, it makes me nervous, since I can detect on onset of the dependency so I try to balance it out by shifting my vices to different stimulants, energy increasers, etc. Also, it helps so that when I want that pill to really treat me like it used to, I can make sure my tolerance is low and then truly enjoy how a legal amphetamine can ignite my day. I’m not saying I do the right thing nor do I suggest my strategy. But yes, I notice that a cold quit leaves me entirely shattered and inefficient and yes, I am observant of a threshold of dependency. and as much as I love better living through chemistry, these docs Are pushers. Without having passed the test for ADD ever, at all, and having tested positive for marijuana, etc., I was immediately given access to 36 mg concertas or placed on 20mg ritalin a day rather than any experimentation with minimal dosages…. I can’t speak for the intentions of others, but if I wanted a patient of mine hooked on a drug so tmy schedule is in demand, this is pretty much what I would have done.