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HarrietKC # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 12:01 pm

@theboss7607, I’m glad I stirred up some ideas for you. Another thing came to mind, but you probably know this. Sometimes when I look at something in woodworking, cement work, or other things that are completely different than what I do (bead weaving), they use a material or process that I haven’t thought of that can be incorporated into the pieces I make. For example, yesterday I read about a guy who uses wood soaked in ocean salt water to make primitive bows. He said the wood is much easier to work after soaking in the salt water. I am going to try that the next time I make a cabochon out of some purple wood I saved. It is incredible because there is an infinity of processes and materials to think about and utilize in my favorite mediums. There is that infinity word again. Idea: Someone who can paint or use a computer screen as a canvas can depict infinity. Pick a favorite flower to depict on the canvas, perhaps an orchid. In the upper corner of the canvas, start with the supernovae. A little further down show the supernovae feeding material into our early solar system. A little further down, show the earth formed from that with a different look than we have but something recognizable, such as oceans with a pleosaur jumping out of the water to catch a pterodactal flying overhead and a lizard climbing out of the water to a near by green area of plants, trees, insects, flowers. A little further down is the green forest which branches off showing showing our early ancestors still in the trees eating flowers that look similar to the orchid. Next a little further down is an early man giving a bouquet to a cave woman and child with flowers that look even more like the orchid you want to depict in the final image. Then the next image down could be the orchid you decided upon in the first place. If you want to extend that further, you could show the orchid flower petal with a tiny insect on it, next image as if looking under a microscope with the cells. Then an image of the cells enlarged showing the cell processes. Then the DNA, chromosomes and genes in the cell. Then the molecules, then the atoms. Of course this canvas doesn’t have to show these exact images but I think this can be done in variety of ways and would be very interesting. Then the atoms can be shown as how they would look at the ‘supernovae material’ level, as we are all made of this material, everything on Earth came from a supernovae. Sorry to inundate you, but I don’t draw, paint, etc. Someone as well as you can use this idea if you want.