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onelovechange # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 4:56 pm

@theboss7607, ya mon, i’m working on an art project at this very moment. It’s supposed to be mixed media and when I was starting, I had NO ideas. I didn’t know what to use, what the subject should be, how big, what purpose, etc. The rest of my class just took off and I was still there thinking, contemplating. I realized this is the problem; I was thinking too much. Creativity comes from the right side of the brain and I was trying to use the left? The way to find pure inspiration, uniqueness, and imagination is to look within your own mind and just let. it. flow… don’t try and think about how it should be and all the barriers and restrictions it needs. Just close your eyes and get in this “zone” where you can start seeing random images and just go with them; like you’re following a story. What I actually ended up doing is smoking a bowl during lunch (I never smoke at lunch break or for art) and then I went into class and just started drawing. I doodled cool logos, images, and designs that I was able to use later. I just let the creative juices flow. I listened to music as well and that helped. Anyway man, don’t think about it too much. Let the infinite cosmos plant the seed in your head that you just let grow and admire. And don’t lose your inner child