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Ray Butler # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 3:11 am

@prittii, Yes, that was one of the issues, that a population replaced by immigrants means a threat to the standing culture of that nation, because the native population would be shrinking. The immigrant cultures would become more and more influential. But that is only true if all your immigrants are of the same culture.
Australia is a huge immigrant country and this is the trend I notice. The actual immigrants come here, un-willing or un-able to change their cultural ways of where they come from, but they are mindful and respectful of the ways here. So they usually cause no friction, they just live in two world, the Australian society and their home.
Of course some come here that are from a country that if they spoke ill of while there, they would have been executed, so now they are free to say whatever they want, they make up for lost time. But that usually regards the problems here, but that’s okay because not whinging is un-Australian, culturally Australians complain about everything, so such people are just trying to fit in, but a lot of us respond by saying “If you don’t like it GO HOME!!!”
Then you have their children, born here or at least raised here from a young age. As I said, these too are living in two worlds, the society and the home with the immigrant culture. Well, this causes them much confusion and they turn out as quite agitated young adults. This is where I think we go wrong because we fight against segregated schools in our communities, but that is exactly what we need.
That sounds bad to bring back segregation but the thing with Australia is we have segregated communities, Campbelltown is Vietnamese, Redfern is Aboriginal, Marickville is Greek, Lakemba is Lebanese, Bankstown is Islander/Kiwi, Blacktown is, well…African. All these people are free to interact but after all is said and done they return to their neighbourhoods of culturally likemindedness. They did that themselves, they all wanted to be with their own kind and so the new coming in gravitate toward those places.
But this is good because they know what special needs their children have, things that are neglected in mixed schools, problem childs come out of mixed schools, not segregated ones. People should realize that around the world. Australia is multicultural, it is a melting pot, but it works because we know our boundaries, we have little trouble to speak of and what we do have is the result putting people in environments that present cultural conflict.