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Jessica Vannette # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 7:08 pm

ive been on prozac for 2 years. my personal experience with everything, at the beginning i was very depressed/suicidal/anxious. i had been going to therapy for 6 months prior, and although it helped to talk things through, it ultimately made me think a lot more and way more emotional. when i first started, i couldnt tell the difference (as is what happens a lot with medications, your body has to get used to it) but then i noticed that it gives you a sense of calmness. you dont have to worry about every problem in the world anymore. i would say it definitely dulled my emotions down. i still find it difficult to have moments where im extremely happy, like i did before, and i also cant cry unless i didnt take it that day even if i really wanted to.

as far as getting off from it, my doctors have said that would be a bad idea. past experiences where i have forgotten to take it multiple days in a row (1-3 at the least) i get splitting migraines where it feels like my brain is bleeding, and a bit nauseous.

comparing between before, when i wasnt taking it, and now while i am, id say the prozac has been a positive thing.