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yoinkie # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 9:23 pm

@cognizantelephant, I love it here. the people are as friendly and open as it gets, respectful for anything you want to be. It has something for everyone, hiking, camping, and all sorts of mountains for winter sports. The summer is the highlight of living here though, there are SO many things to do! A lot of water fun, alot of partying and just a lot of good times. And if you love music, this is heaven. All sorts of music, something for literally everyone. Live music everywhere. A lot of great music started from Washington and a major reason is because we motivate it so much. You can find all sorts of bars with live music, and weekend long music festivals in the middle of beautiful.

Our weed is awesome too. I use to live in Vancouver BC so Ive had high standards for my ganja and seattle lives up. You can smoke it legally, but everyone still stays pretty discreet enough that no one gets bothered. Ive been all over the world and there is no where id rather live.