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mksuperman # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 8:42 am

Hi, I’m not an EMT or medic, but I am a transplant cardiologist and before that did do a year of ICU medicine. Both of those fields are extremely intense, and burnout is a common phenomenon. I would imagine that to be true of EMTs as well. You will enter strangers’ lives at some of their worst personal moments. You will look death in the face countless times, and see a range of human pain and suffering. You will happen upon scenes of senseless violence and unthinkable tragedy. You will do these things out of the need and desire to improve the lives of others, because you value life’s sanctity. I think that is awesome, but it is difficult, and you do pay a price for your service.

My experience in medicine has been up and down. I, unlike some of my peers, think it is important to connect with people, and view them as human beings and not organ systems. This has come at a personal price; I bring work home with me and think about it at night. One of my patients got a heart transplant on 8/3. His daughters’ wedding was today. The anxiety over the past few weeks of trying to get him out of the hospital to walk his daughter down the aisle was exhausting. In the end, I didn’t discharge him and he missed it because he is too weak. I feel terrible about telling him he cannot go, but I think it would be even worse if something bad happens to him because I discharged him prematurely. Had I gotten him out, it wouldve been a major victory that I would’ve been very proud of. That I failed, is bothering me.

You need to be a special person to do what you do. Good luck, and do it for the right reasons, and don’t forget the reason you are going into the profession.