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Anonymous # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Well, with alot of what Manimal said, we all are bitches. When we decide that we’ve had enough of being the little bitch and are tired in drowning of the systematic life style we’ve become aware of, we can grow into the big bitch.

And by big bitch, I don’t mean a super cunt (hahaha). I’m referred to as a “big bitch” because I don’t take the routine of life for shit, I stand for what I believe in critically while keeping an open mind. I run my business like a hardened veteran, but with a determination that many would classify as “bitch behavior” because I’m not going to allow routine to restrict MY life. When you find something in life you love, you are determined to do, you start to change your attitude. You can be the happiest mother fucker, but being a bitch is something we’re all capable of. Try like hell to avoid it? Why are you trying when you CAN change it, why not wake up and realize that this life is YOURS. It doesn’t matter whatever the fuck anyone else is doing, don’t focus on the patterns of what EVERYONE has chosen to do, make your own fucking pattern. Make your own life. Break free of what is making you a bitch.

Take that jump to change, take the leap for whatever it is you are looking for in life. Stop shying away from what you want to do, what you want to learn, because you’re too distracted by the “bad” things in life that you feel are repetitive. Be the big bitch and change it. Get after what you want, go fucking get it. You don’t need to be haunted by some title you gave yourself, you don’t even need a title. But if you want to restrict yourself to the bitch title, morph into the big bitch that’s ready to go on an adventure in life to live, to be free, to find what it is you want. And to make a positive change for yourself that YOU are satisfied with.