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Dom # Posted on March 27, 2013 at 11:11 am

@jjcorrea, Ah okay I see what your saying.

Understand being alive is a much different energy than being on the other side. Everything that happens in non-physical is almost instantaneous, because time is a physical illusion. Here on Earth it takes time for things to “get back” to us, and it feels as if there is something ‘out there’ rewarding or punishing us… some people call it Karma.

In non-physical however, there is no time. The idea of karma fulfills itself instantaneously. The mirror is real time. However long Hitler “got back” what he gave on Earth, was as long as he was in the moment willing to BE hateful, cruel, etc. At any turn he could stop and become loving, and get love back instead. If he wanted to be evil, then BOOM his heaven was evil.

“Doing what he wanted” does not mean he didn’t receive a reflection back of what he was ‘wanting’. It does show more free flowing and direct life is after death.

Explore lucid dreaming if you want to get a better idea of this concept.