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Insightfulwords # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 3:16 pm

I can’t blindly follow anyone, I mean there are times I go along with my friends and do some childish thing that they have concocted, but as for my family, I’ve always been the one to simply ask “why?”
Simply just losing your thoughts in nature is amazing. I find myself walking home sometimes and just stopping on the bridge by my house and just rearranging my thoughts and staring into space, but it’s a beautiful space, there are so many details and things to admire, that although whatever I may be thinking might not be so positive, the fact that im staring at something so beautiful is evening out the scale I suppose. Does that make sense, sometimes I feel like my brain makes sense, but then I try to word what I’m saying into an actual sentence and it just comes out all jumbled and confusing. What are the steps or keys to meditating, I’m so interested!