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h2o2 # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 11:05 pm

@cgriffiths90, I’m sorry i wasn’t able to answer 1 & 2, i can’t give a smart answer about it. And about those people who commit crimes but pay certain people to do their dirty work, they can never be arrested. What you said is true, when you have money you’re golden. One sad, sad truth is you can pay justice. In our country where money and job is scarce, certain people take advantage over this. And wow, i would love to see you’re wallpaper right now! Mine is a picture of a erupting volcano with thunders all over it. I love how nature can be beautiful and dangerous at the same time. And also you may notice that my English is pretty bad, I’m 16 and still working on it, so please just tolerate it.