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SBas # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 1:03 am

@theskafish, ummm, I’m certainly not bored! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you don’t see the opportunity as an opportunity at all! You have preconceived the outcome already…that you will fail or you will stuff it up somehow. So the opportunity is not something new, fresh, exciting or potentially life-changing. It does not energise you. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

In my honest opinion (as cheesy as it sounds…but in any case I think you know this deep inside) you need to re-remind yourself that you are in total control of the outcome. You have the power to ultimately achieve the goal AND you also have the power to completely fuck it up. Needless to say if you really want it, and if the universe wants you to have it, you will ultimately achieve the desirable outcome. If you fuck it up, well…join the club! Ahaha man have I done that before! And I felt the same as you afterwards (e.g. I believed that the first fuck up is evidence that I am useless). But guess what, you gain shit loads from TRYING. All those emotional things like…strength, patience, lesson learnt etc But on a practical level, you have experienced something different, you have made contacts with new people, you have practised your skills in a different way etc

So why think ahead? With every good opportunity that presents itself to you, just ride on it. You are in control of the outcome. Worst case scenario and it doesn’t quite work out…with your luck, another opportunity will come. And dude, if you’re being thrown opportunity after opportunity, although you may not believe in yourself, sounds like the universe does!