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SBas # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 4:41 am

@danfontaine, haha I like insanity…

Right so you are overly critical of other people. That does not make you a terrible person! Gosh no! That is just a part of you (and me; I do the same thing sometimes) that your clearly not happy with. I think it has to do with you being more ‘aware’ or ‘enlightened’ and you got to that stage a bit earlier than the people you associate with. So there is a bit of frustration. A bit of rolling of the eyes. You kind of pity these people who you perceive as close-minded. Most people who use HE have bitten the ‘awareness’ apple and find the information on here so refreshing (in comparison to the meaningless conversations we have daily). Its like we know the secrets to life and we cant help but see others as clueless. Is that why you think you are critical of others?

Sometimes when I get that feeling (especially around my best friend who just cannot make decisions for herself…she is so very swayed by public opinion) I remind myself that everyone is different and some take much longer to ‘wakeup’ from sleepwalking through life. I think of subtle ways to introduce her into the being in touch with her spiritual side like recently I showed her a youtube video about Jim Carrey talking about his spirituality (im taking baby steps with her ok!). Instead of seeing her faults, I see her as a work in progress or someone who has potential but she is just a bit distracted, slow, weak etc at the moment. Her up-bringing, her experiences and circumstances are different to mine. The truth is (let’s not sugar coat it); you know a lot. You have an inquisitive mind so you’ve gathered information about life and its mysteries and complexities much quicker than most people. Arguably your wiser, you know the path to success etc etc. But thats not a free ticket to look down upon everyone else…perhaps you have a more noble duty of spreading your positive attributes and your wisdom to those you know!

But It seems you have self confidence which is a good asset to have! Thats awesome that you dont have competition! You must have tremendous energy, you must go for every opportunity and you probably get a lot done because you never doubt yourself. Its not a negative. Just know that whether you like it or not, you have some faults (just like the people you judge! lol). So just like you criticise others about their faults; scrutinise yourself. Perhaps learn from others so you can mend those bad habits. That way you realise yourself as a teacher AND a student.

I really hope I’m on the right track with what you actually mean. If Im not, please do not hesitate to say!!