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Ben # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:18 pm

People are not “the only ones guilty of their bad situation”. You are only in part in control of the circumstances you are in. You are in complete control of your reaction. You are in complete control of how you feel about the circumstances you are in. So, yes, it is true with plenty of practice you can get damn good at seeing the bright side of things and rollin’ with the punches. I feel like plenty of people here realize that, but need a place to vent so they can become more clear on exactly why and how they need to practice. Shit, I know I sure do. I think you would do well to practice not fucking hating the fact that other people have issues to work through, whether external or internal. It’s a beautiful feeling to realize how in control of our lives we really are, and how great we can make them. But you need to have compassion for those who haven’t had this realization, or have but not to the extent of it being able to help their particular situation. Nobody has shared this serious of an issue, but I have a hard time believing you’d be all smiles and positivity if you got stabbed in the stomach, or hit by a bus. In that circumstance, would you “acknowledge that you’re the only one guilty”?