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Ragamuffin # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 10:02 am

I just graduated high school and lived the homeless life for a while as I hitched the west coast for the last 2 months. I was truly happy. With my mind working around the most primitive of needs (shelter, food, warmth) I found my spirits lifted and my mind overworked. With me I had my sleeping bag, two books, Dr Bronners, a stove, and a backpack of food, so it really depends on what your definition of homeless is, because I did have some luxuries. For some reason I loved not having a ‘home’ to fall back on, and I loved that tinge of cold and hunger that always lingers, and how productive I was! Nothing but great conversation, hiking, reading, and watching people on the streets of Portland OR, Seattle WA, Bellingham WA, Vancouver BC, San Fran CA, etc. It’s great where your mind ends up after you strip it of its luxuries. So all in all, I’d say try it if you’re ready. I can see how a prolonged life on the streets could drive you a little mad. My only concern was being a solo female traveler… lots of times where I had to defend myself, especially in Seattle. But, that’s to be expected I suppose.

Try it out, it will give you a new appreciation of EVERYTHING warm and tasty!