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soulfulbubbles # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 5:09 am

I was homeless for a month… never want to do it again then again i have it associated with bad memories. I rather be a vagabond because then its a choice and i would go into it with a different perspective. It would be a journey to explore and survive. I went homeless for a month because my step grandmother went extremely mentally ill and violent and had to be placed in to a ward and the landlord kicked me out. It was not pleasant at all spent most of it crying from the sudden destruction of the person i knew and fighting with doctors to figure out a way to get my grandma into a home and get her help. Luckily I had someone else’s car to sleep in and i don’t eat much. eventually I moved into a friend’s aunt’s house and finally got some reluctant help from my dad and finished high school. Being homeless then being reliant on another woman’s mood and generosity taught me a lot. It taught me as a woman on a primal level I needed a nest I needed that security, or else I would eventually go mad with anxiety and grief. Before that I didn’t think “a place to call your own” or a physical home was ever really important. Now I get it.

:) but yea i would defiantly want to be a vagabond and not homeless