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LeWiZa # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 3:03 pm


If you post on this site you have to be willing to accept that you will get a variety of answers. Some you may not like hearing, but that’s the beauty of it. Learning to deal with those will probably help you out too, specially the answers that are in person and not across a computer screen. I’m not commenting as to whether it is truly a disorder or not, but I believe you may want to see those types of comments as what they are. Someone else’s opinion, you can pick it apart, evaluate it (subjectively unfortunately, if you can be completely objective let me know cause as far as I’m aware it ain’t possible unless you’re the universe observing itself or some shit but even then thats questionable as to objectivity, anyways sidetracked). Abstract some value from it, and from every experience that you may have with this thing and see how that goes. Every time you have an episode or whatever it is try thinking” “What is it that I could be learning from this?”, if it feels like you have different personalities you could get some interesting insights. Try recording them as well and organize it some way so you can tell which “identity” or whatever is present.

Anyways, just my opinion, do what you want with it. I don’t care, your problem not mine.