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inna # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 5:30 pm

@fucksake, well shit, you obviously have never lived with someone with a serious mental illness and can’t imagine what can happen. Please educate yourself about human psychology before advising people this stuff. Yes, mental illnesses are DEFINITELY over diagnosed and way over medicated, but it doesn’t make some cases totally normal behavior. The reason its called that is because it interferes with life, preventing someone from living their life fully and possibly behave dangerously especially if they experience psychosis during more severe stages. Putting a label on behaviors at least helps the person begin to recognize/ understand what underlying overwhelming emotions could be causing them to do what they do and therefore learn to handle themselves so they can optimize their life. Mental illnesses are called that because they are damaging. I do agree with your points fully for probably most of the cases happening in american psychiantry but let’s not umbrella everything into a regular behavior clusterfuck. There’s nothing regular about it, it is an adopted behavioral mechanism one needs to try to work out of to have a full fulfilling life and not hurt themselves and others.