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saccade # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Dear ‘fucksake’ I think you are one of those people who WANT to believe that everything is black and white, ‘cows go moo’. We are all free to choose. ‘just say no!’ or ‘yes to life!’. Do you by any probably chance reside along the Bible belt? As surplus to so-called bipolar disorder, I imagine your ‘cop out’ box of tricks would also include drug addicts, the homeless, street walkers etc who collectively CHOOSE to stay where they are versus simply actioning change by focusing on their thought processes. The good ole ‘pulling themselves up by their shoelaces’ ethos. I would also take it that you are in favour of cutting the national social welfare budget? Future headline “FUCKSAKE CUTS OUT THE COP-OUTS’ (photo opportunity – in John Wayne costume wielding your campaign symbol – a pen-knife – background choir of Boy Scouts {women are irrational}). Banish ‘free handouts’ (buy more guns instead for the much needed strong hand of the military), rehab centres (‘just say no’), counseling (let them jump) for the abused (it was their choice to stay in the relationship and/or get over it for fucksake!) or PTSD sufferers (stop focusing on the past!). And for bonus points on Fucksake’s thought control barometer, free-thinking citizens should melt their medicine cabinets with the full range of contents from headache, nausea, diarrhea panaceas to morphine for the dying (just think heavenly thoughts). Physical pain or ills of any kind are equally akin to the nature of life – coming/ going – up and down – good days and bad days .. Or in your rule of thumb are the latter legitimate reasons for pills that make you “happier” … or at least more comfortable? The precept for your preacher-man delivery is obviously that bipolarism is a SIMPLE (your word popping up again) case of hypochondria. Do you really BELIEVE that your personally (wow! how unique you are!) knowing many people who x and y and just because they x and y obviously doesn’t make them all bipolar … blah-blah … is significant enough a variable in proving a point? That’s like saying I personally know lots of people who fell down the stairs but didn’t break a leg or I personally know lots of people who like to eat noodles but that doesn’t make them Chinese. In light of your overwhelming evidence ‘it doesn’t take a genius’ to recognise the phenomenon here, of an un-evolved or ‘simple’ brain (or ‘braindead monkey’ as you so eloquently put it – vocabulary that sparkles with sheer brilliance). To be continued ….