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inna # Posted on October 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm

I’m getting real tired of this site being really naive about human psychology and its advances, piling everything into “just meditate” pile. Years ago, molesting and raping children was considered harmless but thanks to psychology that changed. We can all become educated about normal NATURAL patterns of human behavior and live a better life while helping others do the same. Yes, take all these personality disorders as theories and with a grain of salt… but some mental illnesses are a serious matter to be understood or at least cautioned about. This makes society better. If you know how to recognize signs, you can put the puzzle together and see what kind of animal it is and what to feed it, not just throw the same cat food at everyone with the idea that it will work. Sorry I can’t explain it better. I come from a third world country where mental illnesses aren’t recognized and a lot of families stay with abuse thinking that their sociopath will one day feel bad for maliciously manipulating their toddlers if they just love him enough. I can’t tell you how useful it is to have knowledge of what you are dealing with. It is not about being inhumane or stereotyping everyone with an illness when its normal behavior – it is about learning what makes up the human mind and what can go wrong and how to go about helping that wrong get straightened out. Medication or therapists are just offerings of how to deal with it if you want someone else to do the work. Let’s not trash everything just because it is the same subject matter.